Daniel Hauck

System Administrator & Backend Developer

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About Me

Hi! My Name is Daniel Hauck.

Daniel Hauck

I work as a system engineer and backend developer. I am specialized in building high performance and highly availabe infrastructures and I am a lover of fast and simple systems. My current interests are automation, IoT, databases(SQL, NoSQL) and workflow simplification and optimization. If you are interested in my work, take a look at the 'Latest Projects' or take a look at my blog.

Latest Projects


Didit is a small service which emails you in defined period and asks you what you have done, or what you haven't done. You just reply to the mail with the tasks you have done, or tasks you haven't done for a reason. Now everbody has replied in a range of time, didit collects the information of the team members and sends an email to everyone that they can see, what the other members have done.

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PySnipp is a command line application for collecting snippets and notes. For example you could store often used pieces of code there. For adding and editing your snippets the text editor vim is used.